The Mt. Cliff Resource Pack

The Mt. Cliff Resource Pack, or MCRP is part of the server when joining. It is an optional download, however if there are no compatibility issues with your existing resource packs and mods, we encourage you to use it, for a unique experience! Or, as unique as I can make it! The resource pack is designed to tweak the block models, and a few textures, but would otherwise remain mostly vanilla. That said, there MAY be incompatibilities with alternate textures, or various mods. I cann't guarantee compatibility, but please feel free to reach out to support[at] if you experience any issues, crashes, etc. and I will try to look into the issue and see if I cannot resolve it!

The resource pack is split into two versions. One without the UI tweaks, and one with the UI tweaks. The server will download the version WITHOUT UI tweaks. If you would like the version WITH them, you can download it and install it locally!

Download & Installation Instructions:

  1. Right click on the resource pack from the downloads section below and select "Save As...", and save somewhere you won't forget, like your desktop. Alternately if you know how to install resource packs, you can just download to your resource pack folder! I'm sure you knew that, though! :P
  2. Navigate to your Minecraft installation folder. For Windows, you can click on Start, and type "%appdata%" (no quotes) and press enter. From there, double-click on the ".minecraft" folder.
  3. Double-click on the "resourcepacks" folder.
  4. Extract the zip file to this folder.
  5. Open Minecraft.
  6. On the main menu, click on "Options", then "Resource Packs..." and "MtCliffResPack" should be listed under the "Available" list.
  7. Hover over the thumbnail for the resource pack, and click the right arrow.
  8. Click "Done", and a loading screen may show up.
  9. Enter a single-player or multi-player world and make sure the resource pack is working! NOTE: You may need to adjust the position of the resource pack to get the correct results.

Downloads & Previous Versions:

The most recent versions are at the top!


Click each thumbnail to view the full image. Original is on the left, the resource pack is on the right.

The UI is undergoing small changes. A bit darker, and flatter, somewhat inspired by Windows 7, minus the Aero Effects.

A little more depth is given to the furnace (and it's related counterparts - currently the smoker is untouched). You can even see the iron bars in the distance looking a little different!

The bookshelves have depth, though what I interpreted as a leaning book is a little glitchy (minecraft blocks are restricted with the angles that may be used.) I kinda like it. Might keep it, might just make it vertical, instead. The iron bars can be better seen - they're capable of being continuous instead of being broken up with an unsightly horizontal 'line'. They also have more depth, as opposed to the 2d appearance they had before.

Rails and ladders have depth, and have an actual shape to them instead of being flat textures.

Another look at the bookshelves, this time surrounding a slightly different looking enchantment table - a bit slimmer, with the tablecloth looking like it's hanging freely off the tabletop.

I was conflicted, but eventually settled on making the grindstone round, instead of keeping it square. I almost used angles to imply the wheel, but later settled on a more pixellated version, and modified the base a bit.

The spawner was a bit tricky! I settled on a 'bulky' outer frame, with 'thinner' inner bars - that, and adding depth to the inner bars actually messed with the visibility and felt it was better as it is now. I half-forgot the '3d' skull on top but kind of like how it looks so... eh. Might keep it, might tweak it down the road.

One perfectly normal villager, and one perfectly normal nitwit. If you didn't know, 'nitwits' are an internal villager class, and are literally NEETS. They do nothing but wander around aimlessly. They do no jobs, and you cannot trade with them. (They do help discover new beds and bells though, while the other villagers are busy acting like they work!)


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