About Mt. Cliff

Mt. Cliff was made for a small group of friends to be able to hop on and enjoy a mostly vanilla SMP experience. There might be a few small plugins here and there for quality of life, or to spice up something we might consider boring, but otherwise, one should expect an experience similar to a fresh install of minecraft without any mods at all.

SMP Rules

  1. Don't be rude.
  2. No griefing builds by other players.
  3. Don't steal from other players. Stealing sucks.
  4. No PVP at-will, unless any involved agree upon it. This should be a given. Or, AnthonyLoPrimo will keep killing you.
  5. Avoid floating structures from mining/treefelling. Within reason. Blocks can float, but make it look like an actual mine if you're hollowing out a mountain. Clear the FULL tree so the leaves degrade!
  6. Avoid building floating structures that don't make sense. An example of a structure that "Makes sense" would be a floating island with a building on it (moreso if it looks like the island came out of the ground, as one user built already!)

Discord Rules

  1. Don't be rude.
  2. Seriously, don't be rude. It should go without saying.
  3. Don't pester other users. If you're asked to stop, respect the member's request.
  4. Don't spam messages. No image spam, constant links, @everyone spam, etc... Be reasonable with the conversation.


The following is provided for transparency to the playerbase.


Community Projects