Welcome to Mt. Cliff!

Mt. Cliff is a private, mostly-vanilla SMP minecraft server for a small group of friends. This site servers as a center for information and resources for said server, as well as a showcase for various projects created on the server! If you've come across this page by chance, welcome!


March 11, 2021
The resource pack has been updated to version 2! A couple of more block edits have been made, and, while optional, I have begun tweaking the UI for the non-server version of the Resource Pack. Check out the UI tweaks here, and if you like it, feel free to download the full version and place it in your resource pack folder! Don't forget to enable it in your settings once you launch Minecraft!

NOTE: The resource pack is not yet complete! Some assets may not be fully re-textured or re-modeled, so be aware things might appear inconsistent - yet fully playable!


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